Caroline: Secondhand Sewing Basket

I picked this sewing basket up in a charity shop for next to nothing. But I hated the dated fabric covering, and the wear-and-tear was very obvious.

A quick cover-up with glue, ribbon and ric-rac and I was far happier!

I used the arms from an old pair of pajamas for my new cover. Lining the basket was easy, just a matter of measuring and cutting a template, then sewing a box shape to drop in. A few dots of fabric glue in the corners help to hold it in place. The top was tricker, requiring me to prise out existing nails to remover the lid for recovering. Some of the aged plastic splintered, hence the ric-rac edging to hid the split rim…

It’s not my most successful project to date, but for the little I paid for the basket I don’t mind too much. It will now be put to use holding all the fabric off-cuts I hoard for bunting!


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