Magazine Review: Mollie Makes

The tag line for this magazine is ‘Living & Loving Handmade’ – it doesn’t take more than that to get me interested! I heard about this new magazine, Mollie Makes, a few weeks ago and decided to take advantage of their three issues for £5 offer to see what it was like.

The first copy arrived on Saturday; it is due out in shops on 12th May. I was quite excited, the cover looks so pretty and it came with this cute free gift.

The free gift is really nice – you get pieces of felt rather than pre-cut shapes so you can made a different design if you prefer, or use the materials for something else. The templates and instructions are included in the magazine. My husband needs a new phone case so I will be making this up.

I love this magazine, the pictures are gorgeous and it has a combination of making things, handmade things you can buy and the houses of crafty people. There are lots of vintage, lovely colours and cute designs throughout. This is more than a magazine just about making things, but there are six good projects in this issue. They are all quite quick projects, my favourite is the crochet apple cosies shown on the cover.

Overall, I am very pleased with this first issue and look forward to seeing how the magazine progresses.

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