Lysy: Stashbusting

At the start of the year the SMB organisers did a post on new year’s crafts resolutions. I said that I wanted to be as eco-conscious as I could in my crafting, and part of that meant using up some of my stash materials rather than buying new. Well I’m sorry to say that despite my best efforts the pile is still huge. I don’t buy material without a purpose in mind, but each project I make leaves me more odd-sized remnants which go into the stash. Over Easter I cleared out a corner of the sitting room which had got tenanted by squatting crafty bits and was horrified to find how much I have.

This is just some of what was in that corner, AFTER going through and throwing away the tiny useless bits – there is a lot more in boxes in the spare room! It’s useful for patchwork – I never buy anything but backing fabric for patchwork projects now, but what else to do with it?!

Well, I might make some of the pincushions we featured a couple of weeks ago

And perhaps some juggling sacks for my niece and nephew

And how about some lavendar bags

Or I could decorate some tea towels, make a wristlet, or some key chains

Or even use them to wrap up some gifts

What do you do with your leftover bits of fabric and wool (yes I have a lot of that too – knit a corgi, anyone!)?


5 responses to “Lysy: Stashbusting

  1. A mahoosive patchwork quilt? Hehe.

    What about a stash bag – for your stash? It would hold everything in one place, would be unique, and useful.

    I use mine for testing seams and stitches, usually!

  2. I looked over mine with a new eye last night, considering which fabrics might make me a few new handkerchiefs.

    The biggest problem I have with stash-busting comes down to making things that might actually prove useful – I can make endless pincuchions and corsages and the like (and trust me, I have) but then I just end up with an excess of pin cushions and corsages!! They don’t really take up any less space than the scraps!

    What we should really do is look into running a stash-busting club craft fair, for which we all create saleable goods LIKE pin cushions, corsages, lavender bags, etc, to sell on to people who actually want/need them…

  3. Why did I never think of a stash bag?! Your suggestion is a great one, Caroline – let’s look into it!

  4. No scrap is too small for me-nothing gets thrown out! What do I use the little bits for? I make small hand appliqued landscape pictures, matted and framed in 8 x 10 frames-some of the pictures have as many as 20 little fabrics for hills, mountains, foreground , etc.

    I also use small pieces for liberated piecing like a piano border or scrappy mini blocks. I save anything that is at least 1″ wide.
    Last week I used scraps of fusible interfacing for a totebag strap–I cut the scraps into 1″ strips, lined them up until I had enough for 2 strips ea. 14″ long–even I had wondered how I would use those little bits of interfacing.

    I donate the little things like pincushions made from scraps (I piece the scraps together to make the pincushion) to my library’s benefit holiday sale. But I agree with Caroline that it’s hard to actually find a use for all the little things we make.
    I always enjoy your posts; thanks for sharing so much on your blog.

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