Diminishing the wool stash: crochet scrubbies

If you’re anything like me you’ll end every yarn project with a small amount of unused wool (less said about the projects that end just shy of enough wool the better…). I keep my yarn ends in an ice-cream tub, and during my recent stash attack decided I needed to use them up.

A quick scour of the internet provided inspiration in the form of classic dish cloths and scrubbies. These make for great little cleaners, as different wools give different degrees of abrasiveness, but none so violent as will scratch your precious porcelain or ruin your tefal.  They’re great for cleaning the bathroom too!

I found some great, simple tutorials for classic dish cloths and scrubbies like this one, and then moved on to look at scrubbies using recycled materials including old tights, net produce bags (or excess tulle/netting) and plastic carrier bags.

I then developed my own, very simple pattern:

  • Crochet a chain of between 22 and 25 (depending on the wool) then half double crochet straight rows.
  • Keep going until either a) you think it’s big enough or b) you’re running out of wool!
  • If you’ve enough wool, chain a loop at the end of the last row, before folding the cloth into a pad. I started doubling these, but soon realised that three layers are far more effective. Where I haven’t enough wool, I make up a double layer then crochet up another rectangle to stuff in through the holes later!!
  • Using the same wool, firmly sew the pads together. If you’re out of wool, or if you’re feeling decorative/have scraps to use up, blanket stitch the edges in a contrasting colour.

The beauty of these is that they are so mindless to complete; ideal for keeping idle hands busy in front of the TV or during a really good gossip!

I now have a growing scrubbies stash, and a diminishing wool stash. Which can only be a good thing!


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