Zoe W: A Tale of Two Buntings (or another example of making something out of nothing)

This was another challenge set by my other half, who came home from work with a pile of printed plastic cards.

They were test cards for college ID cards, but you could use any plastic from ice cream cartons or similar.

They sat around for a while as I looked for the perfect project, and eventually I came up with all weather bunting.  I cut the cards into triangles and secured them along the top using a strip of duct tape, before putting them up on my shed.

He complimented me on them without realising what I had used to make them, so I think that means I had risen to the challenge!

The other set of bunting was a bit more conventional, and inspired by Kate’s bunting.  An old school friend was expecting a baby, so I wanted to make her a gift. We knew it was going to be a girl, so I bought some pink items for pennies from charity shops (the best being a patchwork tea cosy) and some pink bias binding.

Each flag is double sided, decorated with embroidery and buttons.  Most of the clothes I bought were made of t-shirt material, which isn’t the best to work with, but it does give a nice soft effect.

Both projects were quick and I was pleased with the results.  It is a shame the plastic cards didn’t come in a variety of colours, but they are ok.


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