Zoë: Recycled Wrapping

Wrapping presents doesn’t have to involve fancy sheets of paper and expensive gift bags. For my husband’s birthday I have wrapped his presents in pages from one of his old Top Gear magazine that was on its way to the recycling bin and put them all in a paper Selfridges bag.

I think it has worked really well. It still looks like a nice  gift, I think the bright yellow of the Selfridges bag helps, but the magazine pages make an interesting wrapping paper. All the wrapping can easily be recycled once the presents are opened.

I would suggested asking the recipient if they mind before you do this otherwise they might think you are really mean!


2 responses to “Zoë: Recycled Wrapping

  1. after we talked about this last week I used pages from an old comic we found in our loft to wrap a friends birthday present last weekend. He loved it! I’d never thought about it before, and used it again this morning


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