Lysy: Me Made March

Me Made March is the brilliant idea of blogger Zoe, who writes at the equally brilliantly titled So, Zo, What do you know? It follows on from previous events Me Made May, and Self Stitched September, and as the names suggest, is an event to encourage sewists to wear things they have made or fashioned themselves. Bloggers could sign up to whatever level of home-made-ness they chose – everything home-made (as Zoe herself did, underwear included), down to *something* home-made, whether that be accessories, jewellery or an actual item of clothing. I didn’t sign up formally since I don’t have a blog, but I decided to see if I could get through March wearing something home-made every day.

From left: sweater knit Jalie cardigan, burgundy wool New Look dress, black wool Vogue dress, green sweater knit wrap cardigan

I’m pleased to say that I did it, and in fact only needed to fall back on gloves and brooches as bonus extras – I wore at least one actual item of home-made clothing every day. How did I do it? Cardigans, dear readers. Like many of the sewists in Sew Make Believe I’ve made mainly dresses but unlike some of them I don’t wear dresses at home or at the weekends very much. Since I spend at least half of my work days at home this would have made my one pair of home-made trousers quite ahem, fruity, by the end of the month. I’d made one cardigan before the start of the month, and I made two more during it. I also finished a dress and made another (both pictured – you may be interested to know that the black Vogue dress is the one I was making from fabric sourced at a charity shop).

So in total I wore:

8 dresses

5 cardigans (two knitted and three sewn)

2 skirts

1 knitted tank top

1 pair of trousers

1 pair of PJs (I counted these as I wore them for at least half of one loungy day)

1 pair of gloves

1 belt

I didn’t very often wear more than one home-made thing per day since I didn’t have too many things to eke out, and honestly, it was sometimes a bit of a burden to keep it in mind when getting dressed. But I’m really pleased I did it, and I’ve actually hardly gone a day since then without wearing something home-made. As to what I learnt – well, it was no surprise to have highlighted how heavily my sewing is skewed towards dresses. Thank goodness I learnt to knit a few years ago as that really helped with diversity. I did get out some items I made a long time ago and which get passed over in favour of others, and was pleased to find that I liked them a lot more than I remembered. It was also a nice way to document the new skills I’ve learnt recently, like piping, making princess seams and even (shock horror) making a muslin (is it ironic that that dress doesn’t fit terribly well?!). But of course Zoe’s main intention in floating these events is to get people to think about buying fewer items, especially ones which will get thrown away, or which support poorly paid and poorly policed industries. Since I’ve started sewing again in greater earnest I haven’t even been tempted to go into shops, and Me Made March definitely reinforced that.

If you’re interested in how other people got on with Me Made March head on over to the flickr pool for pictures. I’d also recommend these two particularly thought-provoking posts on sustainability written by Zoe.


One response to “Lysy: Me Made March

  1. Love the article,and it was obviously very satisfying. For me wearing items I have made both sewn and knitted is second nature, I have been sewing for myself and family for over 40 years. always be proud to wear something that you have made for yourself. It fits, it is unique and will be much admired.


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