Workshop: Button corsages

On Wednesday evening we had a button corsage workshop, or an introduction to the wonders of the glue gun! The workshop was led by Jo who led our felt corsage workshop last year. This time she’s been making some wonderful brooches from buttons (see above), although she also demonstrated how you can use them in many other ways, from hair slides to necklaces. The two matches creations below were made by one of our members to decorate a pair of shoes – ingenious!

The process was very simple: start with a large button and glue smaller buttons on a slight angle around the back to make petals. You can add as many layers as you want and use buttons of different sizes and colours to create different effects. If you are making a brooch sew a brooch fastening onto a circle of felt and then glue the felt to the back of the buttons.

This was a really fun workshop, from my point of view because it involved buttons! Also we didn’t need to spend lots of time mastering any techniques, we could just get straight on with the fun bit, gluing buttons together (and who doesn’t like to use a glue gun, despite Jo’s warnings about burning ourselves!)

The club stash of buttons is down to the more boring buttons in rather dull colours, however I was quite pleased with these grey ones I made, and glad I bought some red buttons with me.

Several of us were organised enough to bring their own buttons with them, and I think many of the rest of us wish we had done the same. However it’s amazing how even dull-looking buttons can be pretty when grouped together.

I will be thinking us lots of ways I can use buttons and all the things I can glue them to.  I do have one slight problem, I don’t like actually using up my buttons! Jo also reminded us how great value buttons can be at charity shops and vintage fairs. She had an envy-inspiring big tin full of buttons picked up cheap at the Vintage Fair in Chipping Sodbury, and bought some more from another local fair for her god-daughter.

Thank you Jo, for an inspiring meetup, and no doubt for boosting sales of glue guns the morning after!

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