Upcycling and Recycling Spotlight: maya* made

My designs reflect a desire to use sustainable resources woven in with inspiration from  the natural world. I’m passionate about encouraging others to find their unique creative voice and gain confidence in making things with their own hands. So, please go check out the MAKE button on the right hand side bar. My hope is that you’ll jump in with me and have some fun!

I love Maya Made blog for simple but very effective upcycling and makeover projects and ideas, particularly useful for the Mommies amongst our members (of which I’m not one, but nevermind). Some of my favourites include:

  • Frilled pencils: bound to keep the kids happy, and  make a simple gift for kid’s birthdays or effective fillers for party bags.
  • Great for last minute gifts, whether for Mums, for friends or for the teacher at the end of the year: Oat floats
  • Unseasonal, perhaps, but being of the Blue Peter school of recycling I’m always looking for uses for toilet rolls: countdown calendar houses
  • And in preparation for those balmy summer days we’re all expecting this summer (*guffaws) why not run up a few of these simple re-used pillow case dresses: a great use for those brilliant vintage single pillowcases you find in charity shops but can’t match to anything!

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