Upcycling and Recycling Spotlight: 80 Awesome Upcycling Ideas for your Dorm Room Decor

This brilliant feature was actually brought to our attention by the company who produce the Bachelors Degree Online website. Erin had seen our upcycling posts and felt that we might like to share their post with you all – and she was right! There are some fantastic ideas in there, some more practical and accessible than others, some more original and impressive too – but definitely something for everyone! Favourites of mine include:

Styrofoam cup vases

Recycled twine dish scrubbies

Toothbrush toothbrush holder

Altoids tin mini tool boxes

Bottle cap memory game

Check out the post for all 80 ideas.

(And if you’re British and therefore not familiar with Altoids tins, Marks and Spencers’ Curiously Strong Mints tins are pretty darned similar in size and shape!)

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