Zoë: Crochet Robots

After seeing these wonderful robots I really wanted to make one. My crochet skills are not good enough so I set my sister the task of making the bodies so we (my sister, my husband, and myself) could decorate them during our visit at the end of February. I sent her a link to the pattern, which can be found here, she rather enjoyed this task and produced three amazing robot bodies, all different and each one full of personality even before we added embellishments.

To decorate our robots we used felt, embroidery threads including some metallic ones for the extra machine effect, and a collection of little metal bits we found after a raid on the tool box.

We stitched the metal bits onto felt pieces, it is just like using buttons or sequins, as long as there is a hole and can go through. Then we stitched the felt pieces onto the robot bodies. I decided my robot was a girl, mainly due to having bright pink felt, and frustrated at being so grey and boring so she has a handbag and a flower to make her feel prettier.

Here are all our finished robots.



3 responses to “Zoë: Crochet Robots

  1. I love these robots. I think I need to get out my crochet hooks! I made a felt robot for my little boy, and thought I’d link to your lovely robots on my blog.

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