Meetup: Sit ‘n’ sew

Attendees: Kate, Lysy, Zoe W, Abi and Pauline

Tonight’s meetup was a hastily re-arranged affair after the planned cupcake workshop had to be postponed (it should be rescheduled for 6th April but check soon for confirmation). Instead, we had a very pleasant evening with just the five of us. We welcomed Pauline to her first sew make believe meetup. Here is a glimpse of what we were each working on:

Lysy brought in a cute toy she made for a friend’s baby using a pattern from this month’s Sew Hip.  She is also knitting a wrap-around cardigan with lovely soft green wool which is apparently a bit tough to work with although you could never tell.

Pauline was glad to have the opportunity to work on this adorable cross-stitch which will be a gift also.  Like many of us, Pauline struggles to find the time to craft at home.

Zoe W is working on a cross-stitch family tree which is fantastic.  Here is the pattern she is using:

Abi is working on an intricate embroidery pattern:

And this is how much she has done so far – it looks great:

And finally, I finished my name bdge following our name badge workshop a fortnight ago:


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