Zoe W: Once a Scarf, Now a Kindle Case

A couple of weeks ago my other half bought himself a new laptop, and to sweeten the blow of yet another computer in the house, he bought me a Kindle.  Once I got over the surprise, I started thinking about a case for my new toy.  I looked about online for inspiration, and decided to use a crushed pale peach velvet scarf that was part of a winter bridesmaid outfit.

I cut off enough of the end of the scarf to fold over to make a flapped pouch, and a piece of wadding the same size.  I inserted the wadding inside and hemmed the open end.  I then used pins to mark out inch wide lines and machined them before repeating in the other direction to make a quilted grid.

Once I’d formed the pouch and sewn up the sides I sectioned off a small pocket to house my green book light.  When I have trouble sleeping I use it to read in bed without disturbing my partner, and as the Kindle isn’t back lit I still need it to read at night.

The finished article.


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