Zoë: Knitted Tea Cosy

My husband and I recently bought a tea pot, and to make the most of it and ensure lots of lovely hot tea we really needed a tea cosy. I had already seen this pattern from Make It and Mend It and wanted to try it out. I rummaged for some yarn and the correct needles from my vast collection, I never seem to have put away the size I want despite having lovely knitting needle rolls, (yes, I did make them myself).

I am not sure why I picked these colours, but I am very pleased with the bumble bee look! I loved knitting this tea cosy especially the ridged effect made by carrying the yarn across the wrong side.

The cosy is very easy to make, there is only a small amount of shaping and the holes for handle and spout are really easy. You make it in two pieces and sew them together leaving the right sized holes. You can play around with colour combinations to give lots of different effects. You dont need to know any fancy stitches to knit this tea cosy so it would be a good project for a beginner to try.


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