Name Badges

Each meeting we all write our names on a sticky label that we wear so we know who we all are. It has come the time for us to put our crafty skills to good use making name badges: this was the aim of our meeting this week.

Some people brought their own materials and there was also a selection of felt, buttons, and threads from the club stash to use. Once we all had a pile of things to work with the stitching and chatting got well underway. Two hours later we had a good collection of badges. Now all we need to do is remember to wear them to meetings!

If any members that were unable to make it to the meeting this week want to make a badge here are a couple of tutorials that might be useful, Coats Crafts and rectangular badges , or just make any kind of badge you want.

3 responses to “Name Badges

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  2. Hello what a super post you have made, these handmade name badges are so very pretty, i have never seen this type of name badge before…:)

    i work for and we have many contacts around the world, if you ever need any help or advice pins or attachments, please mail me, we have so much free help and advice to offer..

    I really like that Tino design looking great and very funky…



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