Book Review: Sew Pretty Homestyle

Sew Pretty Homestyle has a wide variety of different projects. I have only made one of the dolls so far. I was really pleased with the finished item, but I did have a few problems with the instructions and some of it was quite fiddly.

There are patterns for practical items like bags and boxes as well as decorative items like dolls and cats. There are lots of lovely ideas, I am not sure why I haven’t made more of them!

There is a techniques section covering some of the more advanced skills covered in the book, but beginners might need to start with some of the easier projets or refer to other sources to learn the techniques that are not covered. The patterns are printed in the back of the book ready to copy.

Overall I think this is a good book, there are some lovely ideas and I really enjoy just looking through this book as it is so pretty.


One response to “Book Review: Sew Pretty Homestyle

  1. I’ve had this book for a couple of weeks and made the bag on p27 last weekend. I am really pleased with how it looks and found it reasonably easy (i am a sewing novice). There is a pic of the bag on my blog – My First Crafts)

    Im going to have a go at the fabric boxes this weekend.

    I agree, it is a very pretty book

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