Recycled juice carton wallet

This is a very clear tutorial showing you how to make a wallet out of a juice carton, useful and fun recycling!

I already had an empty carton so I thought I would have  a go at making this wallet.

The instructions are really clear and easy to follow.  I only had white tape, if I made this wallet again I would use something brighter, I would also use a more exciting and colourful carton.

I thought it would be a bit of fun to make this wallet, not expecting that I would actually want to use the wallet when it was finished. I was pleasantly surprised and think I might actually use it, or at least make another one I want to use. I may also make this as a little extra present for friends’ birthdays.


2 responses to “Recycled juice carton wallet

  1. I just came across this and I “sew” have to make this! (yes pun intended ;~) ) thanks for the very helpful video! Very clear

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