Top Tip Tuesday: Five things to make with tatty books

So we’ve established that many of our members are bibliophiles. And also, hoarders. Which has got to mean that many of our hoarding bibliophiles must have a few battered and tattered old books stashed away somewhere, right?

We’ve unearthed a few tutorials with advice on projects that use up old books. Some are pretty, some are practical, (some are both…) but all should provide inspiration on ways to upcycle those unreadable, spine-wearied paperbacks you just can’t bring yourself to chuck…

First up, pretties: Creature Comforts blog shows you how to make a repurposed paper apple sculpture from your back-broken novels.

And more pretties, this time in the inspiring form of paperback vases from environmental graffiti webmag.

And, of course, Design*Sponge comes up trumps with their pretty and practical design tutorials, for book page fabric and for scrap paper notebooks.

Finally, Design By Night makes pretty paper pansies, her upcycling alterntive to bought scrapbooking flowers using old book pages, amongst other paper scraps.

We’re sure you can come up with more… if so, share them below!


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