Claire: Activity cube project

I have just completed my first project with my shiny new sewing machine. I have made an activity cube for my baby daughter.

8 x assorted fabrics (14 x 14 cm)
Bondaweb (for applique “surprise” behind door)
Wadding (batting) for the door
Filling (batting) to stuff the cube
Beads in a container buried in the middle of the cube to make it rattle

Time Taken
Approx 3 hours.

This was a really good project for the first attempt at using a sewing machine.  Hand stitching would have taken hours. I only had to hand stitch (over sew) one side of the cube and also the applique “surprise” heart.

Things I have learnt
When sewing items “inside out”, bear in mind placement of any external attachments.  I had to unpick my velcro loop twice as I had sewn it as if I had been sewing with the cube the right side out!

Here’s the finished cube, and my daughter, Megan, enjoying her new toy!


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