Book Review: Sewing Green – Betz White

To fit in with our reuse and recycling theme this year I am reviewing the relevant craft books I have.

I bought Sewing Green by Betz White as I am interested in reuse, recycling and using organic materials. I really like the photos and it comes with paper patterns. I think this book would be suitable for novices as the instructions are very detailed and there is a futher information section at the back with various stitches and techniques.

I have only made one project from this book, the denim shopper (p.94). I had a denim skirt that I made from a pair of jeans, it was getting rather worn so I gave it another new lease of life as a bag. I found the instructions easy to follow, although I did alter some things to fit with what I wanted and the materials I was working with.

I don’t feel that I have learnt any new skills from this book so far, but there are other projects that I would learn from. The information about eco-friendly materials is interesting if you are buying something new rather than reusing.

This book inspired me to make a cushion cover out of a shirt using the buttons down the front as the opening, I got this idea from the aprons made from shirts.

I don’t feel that this book is all that different from other craft books in terms of projects to make, but it does make you think about how you can reuse items.


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