Upcycling blogger, My Second-Hand Life

After last Wednesday’s fabulous Christmas card recycling workshop I found myself inspired, and also lost. Lost in a sea of recycling and upcycling blogs, videos and tutorials, many of which we will be sharing with you in the very near future. But first, I’d like to introduce you to a new blogger I found during my travels, a blogger who offered a positive well of information and links to follow…

My Second-Hand Life

I actually clicked through to My Second-Hand Life after she left a comment on my personal blog, secondhand shopper. I read a lot of blogs and find new gems everyday, but it’s not often I’m compelled to return to the beginning of someone’s blogging journey and read from the start. Thankfully, Polly only got going in September 2010, so I didn’t have to read too far back…

The blog is great, Polly’s charity shop bargains are fantastic, and her eye for recyclable goods rivals even some of the thriftier sew make believe ladies. But what made me want to share it with the club were some of her brilliant recycling posts. So without further ado, here are just a few of what I think are real inspiration posts – chock full of ideas and useful tutorials to put some of your well-loved junk to good use:

upcycled loveliness – skirts
Ruffles and panels and sleeves – oh my!
A look at how skilled and not-so-skilled seamstresses can transform unworn clothes into skirty goodness…

what to do with books – #1
Yup, there is more than one post about recycling books, but I loved some of these ideas – particularly the book bag video tutorial from curbly. If you enjoy this one go on to read post what to do with books #2, Turn books into jewellery.

upcycled fabric jewellery
Polly’s own necklace is stunning, and some of the tutorials offer different takes on making fabric beads and corsages. Made me wonder whether a reprise of our fabric corsage/yo-yos workshop might be in order, only with a few different techniques trialled, and using fabric from the club’s Giant Stash? (Comments below if this workshop appeals…)

scourge of the letterboxes
The bane of modern life – junk mail – gets a makeover. As a marketer in the publishing world myself, I often hoard this, the time, money and resources gone into its production leaving me loathe to throw without thought. Kimberli’s packaging project is particularly desirable, if labour-intensive: a great use of the catalogues that seem to accumalate in the recycling box!


4 responses to “Upcycling blogger, My Second-Hand Life

  1. really enjoyed looking at her blog, love the little pin cushions in cups/mugs in particular. Maybe we could try a workshop to make them?

    I miss the long summer Sundays I spent combing car boot sales for bargains. Since moving I’ve only been to a couple, and I’m now out of the habit. It is also import to go with a like minded individual, my boyfriend doesn’t work in tandem with me in the way my mother does!

    oh, and yes, yes, yes to another corsage workshop

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