Cardmaking meetup

2011’s meetups got off to a great start last week when member Zoe showed us some suggestions for recycling old cards into lovely new homemade ones. Zoe had already shown us her talents in this area in a blog post here, and we were all keen to learn.

Everyone brought along some of their own old Christmas cards and Zoe showed us lots of great ideas. Some were simple – cut the front off a card and mount it on a new backing. Others were more creative – cut out parts of a card’s design, add embellishments or create texture by using raised sticky pads. There were also suggestions for looking for materials elsewhere – blocks of colour or pattern in a card’s background; packaging boxes; the inside of envelopes; old calendars – almost everything in your recycling box has a potential purpose!

There was also an audible gasp of delight from many members when Zoe demonstrated various bits of kit – from punches to fancy scissors to mini pegs. These definitely helped us novices to find some inspiration and some pretty impressive new cards were produced. Boyfriends and husbands look away now – there was definitely some valentine’s card action going on!



Thank you very much to Zoe for sharing her expertise and also her own personal supplies. She has kindly offered to run a second meetup on scrapbooking in the spring, so look out for that on meetup!


4 responses to “Cardmaking meetup

  1. Wow – these are really great. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I’m so pleased Zoe will be running another workshop as I missed this one. x

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