Top Tip Tuesday: Craft Resolutions

Have you made any craft related resolutions at the start of 2011?

We thought we would let you know some of ours, and if you want to share any you have made we might inspire each other for the coming year of crafting.

Zoë: I have decided that I must use up some of the fabric and yarn from my stash before I buy any more. I know that as soon as I find a bargain in a charity shop I will weaken! However, I have returned to a cardigan I started knitting in 2009 which will help reduce my yarn a bit.

Caroline: I want to improve on my crochet skills this year, and have in fact invested in a couple of books to help me in achieving this goal. I also want to learn to knit, something casual member Nat has promised to teach me. And I will stop sitting on the funds set aside for an upholstery course (a 30th birthday present from my Dad) and actually enroll on one!

Lysy: I am resolving to stop being such a slapdash sewist, and learn more skills for finishing my garments nicely. Also, I’m planning to be as eco-conscious as I can with the materials I use – more on that later!

Kate: My craft resolution is simple – I just want to do SOME craft in 2011.  With the arrival of Evelina, my time is pretty much completely taken up and when I do get a  free hour at the moment I am either flaking out on the sofa or we have the new house to sort out.  I can’t wait to get my craft area all set up and get on with Evelina’s quilt so I can finish it before she starts university!  I have so many projects that I want to get started but I suppose I need to be realistic so I won’t be writing myself any craft to-do lists this year.


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