Zoë: Crochet Blanket

Having made a number of granny square blankets by making one large square I decided it was time to make one from lots of small squares stitched together. The final blanket is made of  64 squares in total and each square is made of seven different colours. There are four different colourways in total. I really liked the first set of seven colours I picked out, but I ran out of yarn which is why there are four different sets of 16 squares. I found it quite hard to get the colour choices right after the first set; I sorted it through trial and error, making up squares and changing the colour order if I didn’t feel happy with it.

I didn’t decide on the black border for each square until I had made 32 squares so I had to go back and add two rows of black to each square of those I had already made. I am glad I did this as I really like the black outlines. This also helped to make the blanket bigger without making too many more squares. Sewing up was easier as you can’t see the stiching as it is black on black. I have sewn the squares together so there is a diagonal strip of each colourway. I really love how it looks.

I wanted the black edging of the squares for the outside of the blanket as well. It works out at four rows of black between each square so I needed to add another two rows round the whole blanket once it was sewn together. I then added a row of colour, row of black, row of colour, to make the blanket slightly bigger. At the moment there is one final row of black at the edge. I am still thinking of adding some more rows of black or making a fancy edging.

I am really pleased with this blanket, but I now have to sew the ends in and there are two per colour on every square so it will take a while!

4 responses to “Zoë: Crochet Blanket

  1. Well done for finishing (or almost) your lovely blanket. It looks fab! I love the black edging and the two colourful rows around the edge. Its very effective!

  2. Hi Zoe, I love your blanket but did you know you can weave the ends in as you go.
    When you have finished a round look at the very top of the stitches you have just made, you will see that the stitches look like a chain. Put the crochet hook into one of the stitches about 1/4 way round the square and weave it in and out through the chain until you get to the ends you want to hide. Hook the ends onto the crochet hook and draw them back through the stitches you have woven the crochet hook through, therefore hiding them in your work. As you crochet you next round it helps to anchor the ends and saves you having millions to sew in at the end. I hope this make sense!!

  3. I have found it easier on multi coloured squares to sew them in each round, yes, i know you have to stop crocheting but it leaves a neater finish and the next round hides some of the sewing. Gigi

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