Claire: Cross-Stitch Project

I’ve just finished (just have to frame it) my first cross stitch project and wanted to share with you all!
I used a dimensions kit #65033.
This is the first cross stitch I have ever attempted, and it was a massive learning curve.  Things I have learnt:
  • an embroidery hoop is essential
  • it is really hard to keep the back neat (something I need to work on)
  • French knots are not as easy as I thought!
  • you really do need to keep stitching *loose*
I am quite pleased with my first attempt.  I am going to frame it and it will be a Christmas present to my mum from my girls.

One response to “Claire: Cross-Stitch Project

  1. It’s lovely, I’m sure your mum will love it. Fantastic for a first piece too

    I can’t do a french knot to save my life, I think I managed one once, and that was my quota for life. Personally I prefer stitching without a hoop, and the neatness of my back really varies on how many colours are involves. Doing long stretched of one colour and it is quite easy, but one or two stitches then a change makes it very hard.

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