February book club submissions

Yes, it’s that time of year again! And no, we don’t mean Christmas…

We’re after your book club submissions for the February book club read! Yes, February is a month later than our quarterly schedule should allow, but what with Christmas prep and parties coming up, we thought it best if everyone had a couple of weeks extra in which to make or find time to read…

And we’re swamped ourselves!

So, you have until December 10th to suggest a book for us to read at the February book club meetup. You can send your suggestions in to us either by email or in the comments below.

Just send us a couple of lines explaining why you would like to read the book – it doesn’t have to be a very profound reason – and we’ll add it to the poll in December! Remember, if you submitted a book last time that you’d like to submit again, drop us an email once more so that we have these suggestions submitted formally.

Once we have all your suggestions, we will put a poll on the blog so that everyone can vote for their favoured option. We’ll then give you until Christmas Eve to get your vote in, and the whole of January to read the winning title…

(So nothing too “tomey” please gals!)

Looking forward to your suggestions once again!


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