Helen: Quilting for Harry

I am feeling very chuffed with myself as I recently finished my first quilt!

Knowing that I wanted to make something special for my first nephew, Harry, I set out looking for a quilt design to make him a play mat. Kate was a fountain of knowledge regarding quilting and having scoured the web for inspiration came across the Mixtape Quilt designs from Oh Fransson! After a LONG search I found the bold, bright fabrics I wanted at Fabric Rehab and then the wadding and white fabric from The Quilters Den in Warwick.

My method was more of a ‘try it and see’ technique which paid off. Quilting is very methodical and so satisfying as you see it coming together right infront of your eyes!

I originally intended to machine quilt but with the very sad demise of my machine just as I was about to start I was left to hand quilting…..which I have to say was probably the more satisfying way. I loved watching a movie and stitching away! I decided to use ribbon as the binding (sewing 2 strips together to double the width) and then hand sewing it on. And ta da! I had finished my very first quilt!

With my new found confidence I am already part way through my second quilt…….with the invaluable addition of a rotary cutter!

There are some amazing pictures of quilts online, so have a look be inspired and don’t be afraid!


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