Inspiration: Donna Wilson

I love Donna Wilson’s designs. They are fun, quirky and friendly. I also love her style after seeing her in a magazine article wearing this lovely yellow vintage dress.


Her blog tells you about her latest work and the many different collaborations she has been involved in. She has recently worked with a Japanese store to make some knitted money boxes and some very cute biscuits from her designs. I would love to have some but Japan is a bit far for a shopping trip.
There have been other collaborations with companies such as Ercol, Heal’s and SCP. Her interpretation of the Heal’s cat is lovely.

Heal's Cat

Her abstract and geometric patterns are just as lovely as her creatures, and may be easier to incorporate into your home, unless like me you like you already have little creatures dotted around your home. Donna has also written a book so you can knit your own versions of her creatures.
These are some of my favourites of her designs, you can buy them all on her website.

Mog Plate

Fox Cushion

Owl Cushion

Cyril Squirrel-Fox

Fox Leaf Blanket

You can take inspiration from Donna Wilson’s work for your own crafts such as her colour combinations, the use of bold stylised animal and characters. She also shows that it is possible to knit pretty much anything if you want to!

One response to “Inspiration: Donna Wilson

  1. Hi will you do commissions?
    I need some buscuits knitting of felted with some writting on the top?

    If you will or do, please call

    Annette 07947819134

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