Workshop: Fabric Collage

On Wednesday evening we had a fabric collage workshop. I had made packs up out of the sew make believe giant stash of fabrics, yarn and buttons. Each person had a pack of fabrics and a square of plain fabric for the background.

The idea was to try and get everyone’s creative juices flowing and doing something they wouldn’t normally do. How many of us have time  normally to sit and play around at something creative? I find it great fun to do things like this, they very rarely have a purpose and normally end up in a box, but I see it all as good practice, there are some elements of the creations I have made that turn out really well and will be used in other projects. It is also a good way to try out new techniques and embroidery stitches without trying them on a real project.

As well as the prepared packs there were plenty of other fabrics to rummage through and books to provide some inspiration. The results are wonderfully varied and interesting.

When I was planning this workshop I wasn’t really sure how it would work or how to encourage people to be creative. I would have to say that I think the best thing to do it to have a few goes at things like these collages and see where they take you. Mine ended up looking like flowers and using lots of circles, just like the last one I made . I had no plan for what I was making when I started, it just came out that way.

If you want to have a go I suggest collecting together a selection of fabric, buttons, ribbon, interesting yarn, different textures and some wadding for raised areas. I started by building up the background with layers of fabrics can then added more textures and raised bits. Texture can also be added by building up different stitches.

The evening ended with homemade toffee apples.


One response to “Workshop: Fabric Collage

  1. This was a fun workshop and I have to agree with Zoe’s post, that it is great to just sit and be creative for a while. And like Zoe says, even if the thing isn’t finished or doesn’t work, you still get ideas or learn some new stitch or technique you can then go on to use in another project.

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