Top Tip Tuesday: Granny Square Scarf

This week, I found this fab tutorial on Blair Peter’s blog Wise Craft.  What I love about it is that not only is it something I might be able to make myself, being an old-hand at granny squares now (!) but that despite most granny square-based apparel looking rather 1970s, this looks cute and not in the least bit dated.


2 responses to “Top Tip Tuesday: Granny Square Scarf

  1. I love this scarf and agree that it works well and doesn’t look dated. Having said that I love the granny square because it is so 1970s!

  2. I LOVE granny suare quilts but I have never seen a granny square scarf. Way to go! I sew all the time but I have never taken the time to learn how to knit or crochet… I should thought just to make this. 😉

    I also found this on StumbleUpon, thought you might like it. It is a site on how to wear a scarf 37 different ways including ways to tie a square scarf. It’s not how to wear a granny square scarf, but maybe they should add that to their tutorial! 🙂

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