Book club questions: The End of Mr Y

This Wednesday’s meetup is Book Club, where we’ll be discussing Scarlett Thomas’s The End of Mr Y.

We’ll be aiming to run this as a relatively free-form discussion, but thought you might like some topics to think about beforehand, to help get conversation flowing on the night…

  • Do you believe Ariel’s experiences? Or is the book symbolic rather than literal?
  • What would you describe as the key themes of the book, and what effect did they have  on you when you were reading it?
  • Did Ariel as a character have an effect on your enjoyment of the book – did you find her sympathetic, careless, well-rounded?
  • Did the book surprise you – was it what you expected?
  • What are your feelings on the Troposhere?
  • If you had (or didn’t have) any prior knowledge of the subjects discussed (science/philosophy) did it affect your enjoyment of the book?

Looking forward to seeing you all there – I haven’t even finished the book yet, and already have plenty to say on the matter!

~ Caroline x

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