Meetup With a Twist: Kate’s smb Baby Shower!

We’ve had a few smb babies now, but with Kate being one of our founder members, several sew make believers wanted to do something special to celebrate the impending birth of  Baby Girl Bythell. So, Senior Officer Lysy had the brilliant idea of running an additional social meeting, but converting it into a baby shower for any members wanting to come along.

We all chipped in some food stuffs, brought along tea pots, plates, etc and threw a mini tea party:

Lysy’s gorgeous vanilla cupcakes – the buttercream icing looked like a rose

Caroline’s red cupcakes with raspberry and rose whipped cream

Zoe’s bunny biscuits – cute and tasty!

Kate received some lovely gifts:

And then we got onto the important task of decorating bunting triangles for the nursery. Kate had chosen her fabric and we had pre-cut triangles to work on, using a selection of embellishments from the club stash. The results, I’m sure you’ll agree, were just lovely!

(More pictures on our flickr stream)

(Read about Kate’s preparations for the new arrival via her baby blog, Mama Kate…)


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