Zoë: Scrap cushion

You will have noticed from my posts that I have been doing a lot of patchwork recently. I have been trying to attempt something different on each occasion in order to develop my skills and try new techniques. This cushion is a little different from the last two: instead of starting with some fat quarters I used some small pieces of fabric leftover from the mini quilt workshop.

The colour of the fabric is just right for our living room so I wanted to make use of it. After some deliberation I decided to use squares of the colour and some of plain calico. The design was inspired by some of the quilts I had seen at the Festival of Quilts,  particularly the use of bright colours and pale plain backgrounds.

I started by cutting out some squares, the size was determined by the scraps of fabric I had, they are about 6cm square.

I wanted a coloured square at the centre of the design so I sewed calico squares on opposite sides and then long strips down the other sides of all three pieces.

I made two more strips with a coloured piece in the middle, these formed the start of the next row, I sewed these onto opposite sides of the centre panel.

For the rest of the row I made  two longer strips of calico and coloured fabric, making sure the colour was on the ends for the corners.

I sewed the long strips onto the centre panel and then added another strip of calico around each side. If you wanted a bigger cushion add another row or two.

In order to get a good finish you need to make sure you iron open the seams after sewing each strip – this is time consuming but worth it.

To finish the cushion I cut two panels for the back. They need to be as wide as your cushion and the two pieces need to cover the length with an overlap of at least 10cm to make the opening for the cushion pad. You also need to leave a couple of cm for the hem. I hemmed one long side of each piece.

I placed the two back panels with right sides down onto the right side of the cushion front making sure the hemmed edges were in the middle and sewed all the way round. I clipped the corners so they were not bulky when I turned the cushion in the right way.

To add some more interest to the back you can sew a strip of coloured fabric onto the long side of one of the back panels instead of hemming it, make sure you iron the seam flat so the coloured edging lies flat.

4 responses to “Zoë: Scrap cushion

  1. Its perfect for our lounge too! I have some of the turquoise fabric left if you want to make your own, I will bring it when I next see you.

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