Tina: A Trio of Heart-Shaped Lavender Bags

This post is written by one of our sew make believe members, Tina.

After my neighbour kindly gave me a large bunch of dried lavender from her garden, I had to make something lovely with it.  After a long think I decided to make a trio of heart-shaped lavender bags to hang inside my wardrobe. Lavender is meant to keep away the moths but is also a lovely smell. It reminds me of my Grandma (who taught me to knit amongst other things).

This was a good opportunity to make a trip to a lovely fabric shop in Leamington Spa called Decorative Cloth which I had been to visit for some time. I bought some lovely lavender cotton and some gingham ribbon. I also used some buttons taken from the stash at Sew Make Believe button necklace workshop and digging around in my fabric stock I found some lovely silk organza left over from my university days and some lace ribbon.

I began by cutting out the hearts in the cotton, then sewing them into heart-shaped bags with the lace ribbon on the front – I made three. I then cut three hearts from the silk organza using the zigzag scissors (I love these but can never remember their proper name). Next I hand sewed the organza hearts to the cotton hearts using small beads. Finally, I sewed up each heart after stuffing them with lavender, then sewed them all to the gingham ribbon.  They are now hanging nicely in my wardrobe.

Putting all the elements together took a bit of trial and error but I finally got there and ended with something I love and that I’m really pleased with. You can see below how the project progressed and the final lavender bags trio.

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