Zoë: Patchwork Cushion

This is a quick and pretty quilting project which was inspired by a pack of four pink and brown fat quarters. I knew I wanted to make a patchwork cushion cover, and found a template I liked in the wonky log cabin cushion from Sew Hip issue 14. I did all the sewing and quilting by machine, and backed it with some white calico.

The log cabin is a very traditional American block pattern, based on – yes – the way that log cabins were put together. It’s usually a very regular pattern with long rectangles forming progressively larger edges around a central square. This pattern is a bit different because the logs are set off-centre – hence the ‘wonky’ result.

I really enjoyed making these cushions and the patchwork was a lot of fun. Another time I would like to try putting the darker fabrics on one half and the lighter on the other, which is more like the arrangement in the original Sew Hip project.  My version also came out more rectangular than square – but I’ll know for next time and they still look good. In fact one of the good things about this pattern is that you don’t need to be too accurate when you cut the pieces – and you can easily make it your own by selecting different fabrics and altering the size – and shapes – of the logs.  You do need to be more accurate when you are squaring each log off so that the pattern comes out neatly though. It was fun watching the pieces take shape and seeing how the fabrics worked together.

The next stage was quilting – sewing designs on the patchwork for decoration and to hold the layers together. I wanted to keep this simple like the one in the magazine, so I stitched a line round the outside of the patchwork panel, but I also did a line the same distance inside the panel. I used pink thread for contrast against the calico.

Making up the cushion is really easy, in fact the whole cushion took much less time than I thought it would. Here are the finished cushions on our brown leather sofa.


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