Zoë: Creative Textile Project

At the Festival of Quilts I bought a pack of hand dyed yellow threads, felt, fabric etc. My mum also bought one and we spent an afternoon making something. We wanted to do something different and have some fun together. We tried to be really creative and see what happened.

I starting thinking of sunflowers as my inspiration, I used lots of circles and this in the end turned into a general theme of flowers. I used some extra fabric, buttons, and beads along with the things in my pack. We both had a square of felt as a basis for our work. I put mine on a frame, and decided to keep it on the frame to display it. I used some wadding to get some height to my design, and then sewed things on randomly until the design and flower theme started to come together.

I call the finished work The Honey Garden.

I didn’t do anything too complicated, most of the pieces are stitched on with running stitch or held on by just stitiching on a bead at the centre. I was planning on using some more embroidery stitiches but in the end there wasn’t really any space left.

My favourite part is these little flowers with a bee.

I also like this bit with tiny flower buttons.

This is what my mum came up with, it is called Under the Sea.

I love this bit with shiny beads like bubbles.

Mum managed to get lots texture into her creation.

We were both very pleased with our creations and really enjoyed doing something different and challenging ourselves. I can highly recommend buying a pack like this and spending a few hours making something different. We bought our packs from 21st Century Yarns, the colours are wonderful and the fact that they are hand dyed gives them a lovely look, the materials are all of a very high quality.


5 responses to “Zoë: Creative Textile Project

  1. Zoe, these are really creative and lovely! I can imagine you had a lot of fun making them together. It’s great that you can share craft-time with your Mum! I’d love to spend time with my Mum doing this sort of thing (make mental note to arrange it). Are you going to hang them on the wall?

  2. Hi Zoe, and Zoe’s mum, these items are gorgeous and so imaginative. I love both designs and definately feel inspired. I shall be buying a few packs to stick onto cushions for my niece’s newly painted bedroom.

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