Top Tip Tuesday – Knitting Resources

Image by joathina from flickr, via Creative Commons

I was truly amazed when I started knitting and doing crochet at how much free stuff there is on the web. Stuck for a pattern? Not sure what an abbreviation means? Clueless as to how to cast on? There’s a resource out there to help. Here are just a few of those I’ve found helpful. Feel free to add more in the comments section!

Great for patterns: first stop should be ravelry (you need to register, but it’s free), an online space which contains forums, patterns and projects which you can add to your own ‘queue’, info about local groups, etc.

Another good resource is knitting magazines which publish online. Knitty is one I’ve used a lot, and another is the American brand Lion Brand Yarn, which sends you a weekly email newsletter if you register (also for free).

There are lots of good tutorials on the web, too, from the straight-forward to the complex. There are videos on YouTube, too – just Google what you’re looking for. Examples include tutorials on crocheting a granny square here, and one on knitting with double-pointed needles here.

For those of us who are into vintage, it’s possible to recreate knitwear from a bygone era – examples are here, or you can look for vintage patterns on Ebay.

And finally, there are some fantastic bloggers out there who generously post their own patterns and lots of other links to how-tos and inspiring projects. A couple I’ve found recently are the brilliantly-named Dances with Wools, and The Yarniad.

What other resources have you found online?


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