Review: How to Sew Appliqué

This review is of another of the books in the ‘How to Sew’ series. I have tried appliqué before both by hand and machine. I was interested to see if this book would give me any tips to improve my skills or new techniques I hadn’t tried.

This is a useful beginner’s guide to the various techniques that can be used for appliqué. It is also a handy refresher for those who, like me, are more experienced. It covers how to deal with different fabrics, types of stitches, and the machine techniques that can be used.

The book provides good illustrations as well as clearly written instructions making it easy to follow. As with the patchwork book, following the projects will give an even better understanding of the techniques.

There are three projects, using appliqué to decorate clothes, making bunting and a laundry bag. They show a good range of uses for appliqué, however I didn’t find any of them very inspiring.

This book is a good starting point.  Once you know the techniques for appliqué, you can use your imagination to make whatever you want.

You can have a look at a preview of the book here: How to Sew Applique Preview


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