Sneak peek: sew make believe upcoming workshops

We’ve been a bit remiss in booking in workshops ahead of time lately, but this week we’ve listed a few for the coming months on meetup. We thought it might be nice to offer you a bit of a sneak peek of what’s coming up for the rest of the year!

August workshop: button necklaces

These necklaces are a pretty yet simple way to use up a stash of odd buttons and advertise your love of crafty and/or quirky jewellery to the world! Having been donated an ENORMOUS button collection by club member Jen, we will be able to provide ample inspiration for all members. However, donations of jewellery wire will be very welcome, as will the loan of jewellery pliers and wire cutters on the night!

Lead by: Caroline

September workshop: beginner’s knitting

Following the success of the crochet workshop (and also having acquired piles of wool in much the same way as the piles of buttons…) our September workshop will offer knitting for novices. We’ll provide the wool and members will provide needles – though if you get the bug you’ll have to buy your own! And warn your loved ones to expect a fair few scarves in their Christmas stockings… (yes, I said the C word. In July. I’m sorry.)

Lead by: Lysy and Zoe

October away day: foraging for sloes

Not strictly in-keeping with our usual crafting and book club pursuits, but as many of us are top-notch bakers and kitchen goddesses, cookery is something we share in common too. And – here comes the C word again – there’s no denying that jellies, jams and gins make great Christmas presents! Lauren’s previous ambition to become a herbologist makes her our expert in this field (or lane or hedgerow or tow-path, as the case may be) and if our massive haul last Autumn is anything to go by there should be sloes, mirabelles, hips and haws aplenty for everyone! Bring sturdy shoes and a basket for your spoils.

Lead by: Lauren

October book club: to be confirmed

We’re now gathering your suggestions for the next book club read – so if there’s something you think would provoke a really great discussion, please submit it. Drop us a line with the title and author and 2-3 lines about why you think it’d make great book club fodder, and we’ll pitch your submission against one another in a battle of the books!

Deadline for submissions: August 15th

Poll to follow – watch this space!

November workshop: Secret Santa part 1

Last year we ran a secret santa with great success. We all came to a meetup with scraps and embellishments that we’d been unable to find a use for, and threw them in an almighty mess of a pile on the table. (This year, there being so many of us, I think we might have to rethink this, sort donations onto a number of tables and let people take a set number of items from each). We then created “inspirations kits” from what was in front of us. These kits were passed on to someone else to really challenge our creativity, and everyone drew someone else’s name from the hat to make for. The results were sensational – check them out here. It definitely bears repeating this year!

December workshop: Secret Santa Part 2: Christmas party

And for the last meetup of 2010 we’ll be holding our annual Christmas party – at which secret santa gifts are exchanged! Expect homemade mince pies, mulled wine and cider, cheesy Christmas music and lots of silliness and fun. Details to be confirmed closer to the date!


We’re always on the look out for new workshop ideas, and for those who would like to share their personal skills with the club, whether through a particular skill session or a mini-project workshop. We’d love to schedule in some more Saturday sews and away days too, so if you’ve any suggestions, please voice them!


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