AGM catch-up

Last Wednesday we had our first Annual General Meeting and it seemed to be a success!  We had a great turn out and I really appreciate so many Members coming along and supporting us.  The main purpose of the meeting was to introduce and ratify our Club Constitution which sets out the expectations for Members and also makes clear exactly how the Club is run.

As the Club grows in size, this is becoming increasingly important since our main aim is to run a club in the fairest way possible.  Our growing numbers also mean that a reduction in subs has become possible and the Club Constitution lays out the ways to pay as well as what happens if you don’t which is another important part of making the club a fair one.  You can read the Club Constitution here.  At the meeting, this Constitution was agreed by those present and Zoe was also added as our newest Senior Officer.  Welcome to the Organisation Team, Zoe!

We also had our prize draw giveaway – the lucky recipient of all the goodies was Becky – congratulations!!!

The meeting also gave us an opportunity to share the results of the recent survey.  Whilst there was no one question which received a unanimous response, we did get a good picture of how people are feeling about the club and what we can do to try to accommodate the feedback we have received.  Here is a quick rundown of the responses:

What do you think of the types of Meetup we have?

I enjoy the workshops and learning new skills. 33%
I would like there to be more unstructured sit ‘n’ sews so I can do my own craft 26%
I like the current balance of social and practical meetups 21%
I would like there to be more practical meetups even at the expense of the occasional social meetup 19%

As you can see here, 33% of respondents like the workshops and another healthy 26% would like there to be more sit ‘n’ sews.  In order to do this, either the book club or social Meetups would need to reduce.  Given that some already feel that the book club is too infrequent, this means really that we will need to think about reducing the social Meetups to once a month or introducing more Saturday socials and sit ‘n’ sews.  I’d be interested to hear your views on this in the comments.

What do you think of our book club meetings?

I think they are frequent enough (currently quarterly) 42%
I like the current discussion format – informal discussion with some prompts 38%
I think they are too infrequent 19%
I would prefer a more informal format. 0%
I think they are too frequent 0%
I would prefer a more formal format. 0%

The majority of people feel that these meetings are frequent enough but at 42% it is not an overwhelming majority! We will keep an eye on this and if possible, make the book clubs every two months.  Of course, in the meantime, there is nothing to stop us from chatting about books on a more informal basis during our other Meetups!

What do you think of the current venue for the practical Meetups (St John’s Church Hall)

I am happy with the venue 52%
Other Option 32%
I would prefer to meet elsewhere 16%

Although a large percentage of the respondents were happy with the venue, we did receive some negative feedback about the church hall:

  • too cold in winter
  • would prefer a more central location (to Leamington)
  • expensive

We did spend a lot of time last summer trying to find suitable venues where we can meet with the adequate space and light which would enable us to  craft, we do acknowledge that the church hall does take time to heat up in the winter.  We will continue this summer to search for a possible alternative meeting place.  If you know anywhere that is suitable, preferably that has electricity points (although this is not essential) and kitchen facilities for drinks (unless it is attached to a pub), please let us know.

What do you think of the current venue for the social Meetups (The Sausage or The White Horse)?

I am happy with the venue 63%
Other Option 25%
I would feel more comfortable in a different non-pub venue 8%
I would prefer a different pub venue 4%

Again, there was mixed feedback on this:

  • The White Horse too noisy in main pub (ok in the snug)
  • Would be nice to meet in a non-pub venue occasionally
  • Good to support local pubs

Personally, much as I  love The White Horse as a pub, I think The Sausage was a bit quieter.  Upon confirmation that they will be open for the forseeable future, we will go back to meeting there for social and book clubs.  Finding a non-pub venue which is open in the evening is difficult but again, any suggestions are welcome.

What workshops would you like us to include?

In no particular order, these were the suggestions:

  • More quilting
  • More crochet
  • Knitting (learning to knit, learning different stitches)
  • Making clothes
  • Altering clothes
  • Turning a piece of scrap fabric into something dazzling like the Xmas secret santa but in the two hours we meet.
  • Back to basics skills for novices, refresher for experienced bods eg. sewing/stitches
  • Some non-fabric stuff maybe scrapbooking or other creative mediums.
  • Embroidery
  • Learning different stitches in knitting
  • Another felt brooch workshop or making something small to go in your hair

Finally, in the general feedback on the club, it was suggested that book club choices be made through open poll so for the next book, we will be calling for suggestions and then asking Members to vote on the suggestions.

Another idea that was suggested was that we set up a book swap for all the craft books that our Members own.  This was something that we had already discussed within the Organisation Team and details of this will be shared shortly.

If you are a Member and you already use a feed reader like Google Reader, then why not subscribe to both the blog and to the site so that you are kept up-to-date with events, comments, new members and discussions on the board?!


4 responses to “AGM catch-up

  1. I’d be happy to host some of the meetings at my house. I’m in the centre of Leamington, have a large living room and lots and lots of cups for tea. I’d have space and seating for about 8-10 people.

    • That’s so great, thanks Roisin. We’ll get a few dates in the meetup calendar that are good with you then – I’ll be in touch!!! x

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