We received an email this week from an inspiring craft project in Coventry via one of our SMB girls. The project, Unitypanda, brings together enthusiastic knitters with a particular soft spot for pandas in order to create a collection of knitted panda teddies to send to orphanages in China. Following their celebratory exhibition tour, it is hoped that these cute softies will bring a little ray of sunshine into some difficult lives.

Over the last 6 months, nearly 500 local people have knitted the parts of nearly 100 pandas. This Saturday, 10th July, the project organisers are celebrating their success with a Knit-In at the Unityanda shop, 10am-7pm, followed by a party with panda cocktails and snacks. As the pattern used to create the toys is a 1946 original, the party will have a 40s theme, with wartime era music playing throughout the day to help keep those knitting needles clacking at speed!

All the SMB girls (as well as anyone else reading!) are invited along to help knit various bits and pieces for these cutest of crafty creations. In particular they will be needing fast knitters to knock up missing pandaparts, “sewing-uppers” to put the last pandas together, and artistic types to embroider panda faces and claws.

If you fancy getting involved in this fun charity campaign, the Pandashop will stay open until 7pm, and everyone who has been involved in pandaknitting is invited to claim a Unitypanda certificate. At 7pm, prizes and certificates will be handed out by 6 year old Pandaqueen Saffy, accompanied by Rob on the ukulele!

If you’re busy finishing a whole panda, you have until 31 July to post or drop him or her into Artspace, 16 Lower Holyhead Road, Coventry.

10am-4pm Pandashop knitting
4-7pm Pandashop transformation into a club and Knit-In
7pm Pandaprizes and certificates
8p, onwards THE LEGLESS PANDA pop-up pandaclub

Address: Pandashop, City Arcade, Coventry

Check out the Facebook page


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