Do you love book covers?

There is something about a beautifully designed book cover. They express intelligence, creativity, a combine love of both the visual and the written arts. Above everything formal and theoretical, some of them are just darn beautiful, and have the ability to make us swoon in admiration.

As I know that we are bookish types in the best possible way here at SMB, I am presuming that I am not the only one whose heart beats faster at the site of a penguin classic, or who dreams of owning a whole matching set of typographically stunning publications.

If this is the case, then a neat little invention I stumbled upon the other day may make you very happy indeed. It is a picture frame that you can use to present your favourite Penguin Classic or vintage child’s book, without having to do the unthinkable and cut off the cover! They are only £7.99 too – Bargain! Find them here.

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