Top Tips Tuesday: Make it and Mend it

Many of you will be aware of this fast-growing website and community, but those of you who are not are missing a treat. For the novice seamstress this is a goldmine of advice and tips gleaned from other novices as they learn. Unlike a lot of sewing websites, MIAMI is accessible and offers truly simplistic tutorials on the absolute basics: try their hemming tutorial as an example. And if you’ve got a question not answered by the website itself, the friendly folks on the forums will endeavour to help you out…

And the eagle-eyed amongst you might just spot yours truly on the homepage. I wrote them a round-up of the sew make believe trip to the Sewing for Pleasure exhibition in Birmingham – a bit of extra exposure for the club!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Since writing this blog post I entered a competition with MIAMI and won me a Handmade Home book! But they had no idea I’d written this post and I had written the post and had it checked and scheduled before I won. So there’s no favouritism going on, just happy coincidence!!

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