Baby Craft

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Several of our members and, it seems, many of my friends are entering the baby phase this year: indeed for my 30th birthday in September we’re practically having to set up a pregnant molls table for the increasingly large number who will be more or less ready to drop a sprog! As someone who loves thoughtful gifts, I always think it especially nice if you’re able to give something handmade and useful… but my fear with babies is that my gift won’t be baby-proof enough to be “safe”.

In the past I have made sock toy gifts, being careful to use cotton stuffing and to embroider features rather than use buttons or beads. But when I saw this tutorial for a hooded baby towel and matching wash cloths it seemed such a lovely idea. I can see one made with Cath Kidston cowboy fabric, or maybe recycling some vintage Holly Hobby or Strawberry Shortcake bedding, or another  Sarah Kay print… Anything cute and kitschy but not too overpowering (and machine washable!) would work well!

The Purl Bee blog does offer some amazing tutorials, and I highly recommend having a poke about their site for inspiration.


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