Meetings: Sit ‘n’ Sew

Last night we had another informal sit ‘n’ sew session at the church hall.  It was a fab evening with lots of new (and nearly new) members and a wide range of projects, from Nicky’s and Nadia’s alterations, to Becky’s, Lauren’s and Jenny’s crochet and Lysy’s, Rebecca’s and Katharine’s knitting to my felt Christmas decoration and Tina’s t-shirt appliqué.  There was a great amount of chatter and it was great to see all the different works-in-progress.  Upon getting home, I even managed to finish off my project.

I also mentioned the upcoming Annual General Meeting, which sounds a lot more important and formal than it is.  As we are coming up to our first birthday, we wanted to discuss the new Club Constitution which is currently in draft form but which aims to outline the various aspects of the running of the club including attendance, subscriptions and the people who run the club.

If you are a member of the club, please RSVP so that we can anticipate numbers.  All those who give a positive RSVP will be sent a copy of the draft constitution prior to the meeting.


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