Caroline: Covered Buttons

This is a great project if you want to give last year’s mac a bit of a make-over! My mac was £22 in the Debenhams 75% off sale a couple of years ago now and while I love the shape, I really wanted to find a way to lift the colour. After a few runs through the washing machine it has lost some of its vibrancy!

A while back I shortened a dress for Lauren, from which she allowed me to keep the off-cuts. This wonderful floral fabric has provided inspiration for various projects, from lavender-scented mice to wrist-mounted pin cushions, all of which left me with the tiniest leftover scraps that I still couldn’t bring myself to throw out. These scraps proved just large enough for covering some self-cover buttons (you can purchase these in metal or plastic – I recommend metal – from ebay for literally pennies each. I paid 99p + 80p p&p for 12 buttons).

Removing the existing buttons with a quick unpick and replacing with these took next to no time and made a huge difference to the overall look.

mac covered buttons

A successful, cheap and simple overhaul!

One response to “Caroline: Covered Buttons

  1. Good work my dear! That little bit of colour against the magenta looks reet fetching.

    I might do this for my favourite eveningy winter coat – the buttons are a very, very shiny gold and have always irked my more silver inclinations. The coat is a gorgeous dark charcoal colour, it would look very fetching with turquoise buttons, I think!

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