Top tips Tuesday: quick frock fix

A really quick post today as I’m kinda busy…

In recent years strapless dresses have become the norm for summer occasionwear. Thanks to the abundance of strapless and multiway bras available this is not too great a problem for many of us, but there are still a few of us who are just not comortable in a dress that needs tugging up every five minutes. I am one of those people.

I bought my current wedding staple dress in the Coast sale for a very reasonable (for Coast) £35. It has done three weddings and a party so far, putting the price per wear at an occasionwear low of £8.75 to date. (I can guarantee this will continue to fall as I love the dress to bits!) But in the past I’ve had a bit of a problem with its strapless nature. It came with detachable straps, but they seem to look and feel a bit cheap, not really attaching properly to the bust and occasionally coming unhooked at the back. For the first three outings I suffered in silence.

This week on the morning of the wedding I decided it simply wouldn’t do. I had a black satin sash from another dress lying around, and decided to chop this in half, seam closed, then pin and sew it to the inside front bust of the dress along the seam line.

Not quite tied tightly enough…

And voila! One halterneck dress! I felt confident and comfortable all day, and I’ll definitely be repeating the trick with some of my other strapless dresses. Give it a go!


5 responses to “Top tips Tuesday: quick frock fix

  1. Ooh, that’s clever!

    I wonder if something similar would work to turn halterneck dresses (which I find really uncomfortable) into strappy dresses?

  2. I’m with Gin, I find halternecks quite tricky to wear, but strapless is just a No No No (apart from my wedding dress – but that was a corset, and those are a whole different beast). So I am glad to hear others can’t do strapless either! Well done on changing it so niftily, quickly and neatly though – my Mum would be so impressed, seriously! (As am I, of course)

  3. Ladies!!

    I think with halternecks, depending on the style of halterneck, you could potentially put a fold into the straps where they meet the bodice at the front and turn them into regular straps, attaching to the back of the dress on either side.

    Alternatively, to keep the shape, there’s nothing to stop you from crossing them at the back and then attach to the back of the dress, assuming there’s enough fabric length. If not, or if the halterneck is joined centre back neck, it might be a matter of finding a contrasting fabric and extending the length some…

    This sounds like a whole new tutorial!! 😀

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