Caroline: Blues Blanket

After our initial forays into crochet granny squares last workshop I set my practice piece aside in favour of a smaller hook and some beautiful coloured wools donated by fellow member, Nat. I call this my Blues Blanket, despite it being a combination of blue, purple, green and black, because of the blue base, and because it has a bit of a moody blues feel to it – I hope it will prove a comforter on cold winter nights!

Look at those beautiful colours!

It is only a lap blanket, approx 1 metre square, but big enough to tuck over my legs and around my toes to keep off the chill!

A post-project tidy-up prompted me to flick through some old 70s edition magazines I had filed, a Golden Hands, which I think was part of my Mum’s collection, and Issue 1 of Busy Needles that an elderly family friend had sent when she heard about my interest in sewing. Both include wonderful starter tutorials for basic patterns and edging, which I’m taking on as my next challenge! I personally think the Afghan Squares blanket is retro-tastic!

With a lovely red setter, to really set the pattern off – she’s not nearly as pretty as our Sasha was, though.

I highly recommend keeping an eye out in charity shops for old 70s crafting magazines. The pictures and designs may be dated, but the basic directions are very simplistic and easy to follow. Whether you’re interested in crochet or knitting, embroidery or weaving, tassles or lace-making, smocking or tailoring there are beginner’s tips and step-by-step instructions available, for roughly 10-50p per magazine.

Look out for the results of these little challenges at a later date!


2 responses to “Caroline: Blues Blanket

  1. Love the blanket, I am making one of a similar size in purples.

    I love the Afgan squares blanket from Golden Hands, I have that issue too and loved it when I first saw it.

  2. Your blanket looks amazing! I love all the colours. I also second your call to look out for old patterns – there are often lots of very 80s knitting patterns at the tip shop in Leamington.

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