Top Tips Tuesday: Selvedge How To Projects

selvedge magazine, crafts, sewing, victoriana, bluebells, field, cover

Selvedge magazine is an inspirational dreamwork, chock full of beautiful images, ideas and suggestions, trips and events and the history of crafts. It’s coffee table publication standard but in a bi-monthly magazine, and it is the high level of quality that justifies the £10 price tag.

However, the website is free to access, and alongside the downloadable PDF trial magazine Kate drew our attention to recently, offers a crafts page. Unlike the intricate and amazing inspiration pieces seen in the body of the publication, these are clean, accessible projects with very clear downloadable PDF instructions. Projects include bags (both canvas and knitted), aprons, applique cushions, book-binding, dorstops, gloves, flower-cutting, soap-making… Stop by yourself and download a new project for the weekend ahead!


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