Workshop: Crochet Surgery and Granny Squares

Following on from the crochet workshop from 4 weeks ago, last night, Roisin led us in another 2 hours of yarn-filled fun, learning how to make granny squares.  Since I had unfortunately missed the last session, I had a bit of catching up to do, having never picked up a crochet hook in my life.  In fact, when I had been preparing the materials for the first workshop, I had to ask Roisin how many crochet hooks you use!  I wasn’t sure if it was like knitting!!  However, I soon managed to get going and collectively, the group seemed to make excellent progress.

It was also fantastic to meet Kate and her friend Sara who came to their first meeting.  My mum also dropped by to brush up on her crochet skills and Carys’s mum came along with some beautiful examples of her fine crochet work.

By the end of the night, everyone had a square of crocheted goodness, even if my ‘square’ was a bit wonky compared to some!  I for one can’t wait to get hooking and start making my granny square blanket – a joint project between my Mum and me!

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